Upside Down Camaro Passes CRX


Yes even upside down a Camaro can pass a CRX on the race track, take that all you RICERS 😯

Click to see Upside Down Camaro Drag Races Airplane and Geo!

Upside Down Camaro
Upside Down Camaro

Actually this new invention to the car so to speak was a rather interesting thought at least. Not seeing any advantage to being upside down other than the shock value. Then again the 24 Hours of the Lemons is a completely different kind of race in the first place so it kind of fits anyway 😕

Just think about what the driver in any of the other vehicles must feel like when the upside down Camaro passes them on the track “How will I ever live the fact that I was just passed by an upside down car 🙁 ). However in my other video this very same Camaro is racing at the Maryland International Raceway eating other complete oddball vehicles such as a an Aircraft fuselage. If that isn’t enough then it lines up against an GEO Limo! Yeah you read that right a Geo Limo of all things. Wait what about the airplane fuselage you asked? Well you’ll have to hit the link above to see that fiasco of drag races to figure out what these guys are thinking? I sure don’t understand it but her what ever floats their boats I’m guessing is fine with me. It got the Camaro driver enough video publicity and video footage to catch my eye. Unsure how much other publicity it got him or if he has a business that is bringing him advertising revenue or if like me he just did this cause he wanted too? Anyway you want to look at it he had his fun 😛

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