Flipped Camaro Racing Airplane and Geo Limo?


So this has got to be one if not THE oddest Drag Races in history! An upside down Camaro vs an Airplane Fuselage vs a Geo Limo of all things?

Say What?
Say What?

Yes I have posted the upside down Camaro on this site before racing in the 24 Hours of Lemons but I was unaware that the owner would also Drag Race this vehicle, much less do such a good ET with it? The Aircraft did what was expected of it for the most part.

Then you have the Geo Limo that had to come out of someones bad dreams? Then again you could probably rent that thing out for a lot of Proms and Weddings to make some decent money with it. Even the Airplane fuselage would be a killer party mobile but the upside down bodied Camaro is what it is. I track freak and thats about it, however it had been making it’s rounds so it definitely isn’t a failure in that aspect 🙂

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