SRFoose/ChickMagnetCars a Custom Scam?


It all points to SCAM

So the SRFoose/ChickMagnetCars a Custom Scam? If you happen upon the website it almost seems to good to be true! Then when the shock wears off…

I originally found this sight looking for a fake or kit car for the Bugatti Veyron. I have seen some sad fakes for sale on EBAY unlike the one linked here that is a Transformers Edition Veyron.

I had actually found what I thought would he been a car that would have been a possibility? The car that caught my eye was an Ariel Atom . This is the link to the fake car website where they claimed $20,000 for the clone when I searched originally. If it works or not who knows but, this is the picture they display.
SR Foose Atom
SR Foose Atom

I almost thought this could be a deal till you think about it when they claim the V8 Hyabusa engine. That would be $10,000 at the least to have built so the rest of the car wouldn’t be made for 10G’s.
Upon searching to see if they are fake or not I tripped on Jalopnik that did the research on how fake this outfit is. When you watch the video on the page and see the pay in stages for the videos proving that they are building your clone is a joke. The videos look like they have taken them from other peoples sights. Then they show pictures of completed cars only and not tubular frames or any of the V12 BMW engines with twin turbo setups.

The one that I would have most wanted to see is the back to back V12 BMW engines with 4 turbos that they can supply you with for the Veyron. Yeah sure then where are you going to fit them on a Mid Engine car?

Also the one Chick Magnet Car sight is quite hack if you try to search for something on it

Chick Magnet Cars search
Chick Magnet Cars search

I mean seriously this is what you get when you do a search on the page!

Yet they get people to give them money! Anyone actually send them a payment?

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  1. ulises brandoni

    so everything is fake???? i was about to order one this is sad…

    • I saw the add and then checked it out because it was too cheap to be true kind of deal. I then found a lot of negative stuff posted so I decided to throw my hat in the ring so nobody else gets suckered.

  2. wowww I was think to order one to see if it truth but now I’m depress

  3. Too good to be true … unfortunately !!! Which means that SRFoose + AMG and other affiliated companies are ghost companies … goodbye the dream and “good morning” the scam

  4. I’m glad you posted this I was thinking of ordering one from “AMP Custom Perfection” until o seen this review. Do you know of any other people or company that can build a replica bugatti please and thank you for sharing

    • As of now I only know someone who has a company that builds GT40 kit cars. Well, actually I have seen him build other kits but, manufactures the GT40.

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