Wax On Rust Off


So was there any time in this cars life it could have been saved?

I have seen this car sitting most of the time essentially looking like Wax On Rust Off could have saved it? It does occasionally move out of the driveway so it’s not like it is abandoned or anything.

Front Wheel Drive
Slight Rust

It comes down to what could have saved this paint? If it was waxed could the paint have been saved or is it just crappy GM paint that let this car look like something that sat out in the Arizona sun. It is a Mid Northeast Car so it’s not like it sat baking in the sun.




No paint
Just a bit of surface rust

Then you have to wonder how this car has even lasted this long as most of these cars have found a home in the junkyards. Now you have to wonder how many miles could be on this thing too.

Update as this was taken quite a few years ago and even thought the car looks like it’s next trip should be to the junkyard, it is still there! Matter of fact I have seen the owners of the car actually driving it 😯 Yeah I would be kind of embarrassed to be seen driving this thing.

Yes I know a rusty Rat Rod can use this look now problem like this Volkswagen Thing but, this car just doesn’t have that kind of pull?

Well maybe if it was slammed to within an inch of so off the ground or had a 4bt Cummins with a Stack out of the hood then it could pull off the Rat Rod look. However as a daily driver the rust just totally kills this car. OK this car kills itself in the first place and the rust just puts the nails in the coffin 🙁

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