McLaren 650s that a friend called me to say “guess what I’m driving now”?


Yeah just what I wanna hear 🙁

So when someone calls you and tell you hey listen to this turbo whine and then tells you it’s a McLaren 650s you ask when am I getting a ride in it?

Sitting in parking spot

Seeing as I know the manufacturer McLaren but, was not all that sure what model it was of couse I checked it out real quick.

Of course I get the answer I didn’t want as I have to give it back cause it’s more than I have in my bank account!

650s Gullwing
Showing off
Worst case is I was working in Deal, NJ all this week and I saw a McLaran Targa top in Root Beer colored paint just last week. So at least I can say well it wasn’t as high end as the one I just saw, even though I will never be able to afford one anyway.
Heck when I went out to get parts from Fastenal last week, in just that half an hour I saw the McLaren, a Bently Coupe and lastly a Black on Black Aston Martin making that over a million dollars worth of cars spotted in just a half hour or so?

Supercar view
I will never see this

Not even like I was going to an event or car show either. Nope was more like 11:30 I was just shooting out for to get some parts for an install I was doing at a Synagogue and I needed some stainless hardware is all.

Then I kept seeing a BMW that looked like a moden version of the M1 but, I do belive is an Electric version? Later that week I saw it driving with some teenager with his hat turned backwards cruising around 🙁 Yeah if only I could win the lottery to be able to live that kind of life.

Well not the BMW but, the McLaren that is…

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