McLaren 650s that a friend called me to say “guess what I’m driving now”?


Yeah just what I wanna hear 🙁

So when someone calls you and tell you hey listen to this turbo whine and then tells you it’s a McLaren 650s you ask when am I getting a ride in it?

Sitting in parking spot

Seeing as I know the manufacturer McLaren but, was not all that sure what model it was of couse I checked it out real quick.

Of course I get the answer I didn’t want as I have to give it back cause it’s more than I have in my bank account!

650s Gullwing
Showing off
Worst case is I was working in Deal, NJ all this week and I saw a McLaran Targa top in Root Beer colored paint just last week. So at least I can say well it wasn’t as high end as the one I just saw, even though I will never be able to afford one anyway.
Heck when I went out to get parts from Fastenal last week, in just that half an hour I saw the McLaren, a Bently Coupe and lastly a Black on Black Aston Martin making that over a million dollars worth of cars spotted in just a half hour or so?
Supercar view
I will never see this
Not even like I was going to an event or car show either. Nope was more like 11:30 I was just shooting out for to get some parts for an install I was doing at a Synagogue and I needed some stainless hardware is all.
Then I kept seeing a BMW that looked like a moden version of the M1 but, I do belive is an Electric version? Later that week I saw it driving with some teenager with his hat turned backwards cruising around 🙁 Yeah if only I could win the lottery to be able to live that kind of life.

Well not the BMW but, the McLaren that is…
Wait there is more, since the original drive of this car it has burned to the ground!

Mclaren Burns
Burned while Parked
Engine Burned
Whats left?
I mean seriously, you pay what a small house would normally cost for a car like this. Of course the cars owner would be living in a house in Deal NJ, or someplace like Hollywood or Vegas. Well you get the idea of the kind of person that would own a car like this and they would not be happy if it took any part of the house or car collection with it when it mysteriously caught on fire in the middle of the night!
Mclaren burn victem
Saw a Lambo this bad near me too
So what is anybodies guess will be the replacment for this toasty McLaren 650s?

Burned and Wrecked Lambo
Other Wrecks

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