Wrecked Lamborghini Murcielago


Driver and passenger walked away from this wreckage that use to be a Lamborghini Murcielago, you will never guess what happened 😯

Wrecked Lambo
Wrecked Lambo

At first thought you would assume that this is the Murcielago that Justin Bieber was pulled over in his now famous DWI racing incident down in Florida 😕 However, he didn’t have an accident so it would be thought that the Lamborghini committed suicide after being caught with the Biebs inside her 😛

Lamborghini wreck
Imagine coming to see this the next day?

In all actuality this is why you don’t race your exotic on the public roads. This car was taken out to Route 78 and while racing another exotic car a Deer ran out in front of it. After hitting said Deer the Lambo went up an embankment, spun back down hitting a guardrail while flipping over. By the time it stopped the driver and passenger were actually able to walk out of the wreckage 😯 The car then burst into flames and WYSIWYG.

Wrecked Lamorghini
Lost the rear tire it was wrecked so bad!

So now you know what not to do with your exotic after you leave any big events or otherwise? Also, rumor has it that the owner of this car was with a woman that was uh, not his wife 🙁

Lambo Wrecked
Oops found the rear tire
So how do A. Explain to your wife how you managed to wreck your pride and joy with some other woman inside it? B. Explain to said wife, why there is 100G’s missing from that bank account and she wants to know where this money went?
Either way, I would say he was screwed big time both financially and possibly more that a marriage therapist could help? That or if the kids ever saw this boy, would they be a wee bit upset that they are not going to be getting a ride to school in it to show off to their friends.

Now all that left is a big pile of Exotic Rubble 🙁

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