Yard Find Triumph 426 miles!


Yard Find Triumph 426 miles!

Yes you read that right, this thing and was parked with 426 original miles on the clock and just sat rusting away 🙁

Low Mile Yard Find that you would think is beyond repair
Ultra Low Mile Yard Find

From what I was told it was bought for the owners Daughter but she didn’t like to drive it so he bought her another car to drive. It then sat awaiting for him to drive it but he had 3 other Triumphs and an Airplane to assemble in the garage. So everything just went to crap sitting outside for years and years.

Rusty original bought for Daughter who didn't want to drive it
No Miles Lots of Rust

They guy was some form of Pack Rat as he had a bit of everything either in the Barn/Garage or his House/Cellar. Anything from rebuilt Magnetos for 1940 something Caterpillar to Mimeograph machines 😯 So this sold believe it or not and from what I was told some of them went over seas 😕 Unsure why someone would want a vehicle in such horrid shape unless it is actually that low on the mileage. Still, even if it was that low in miles is it really going to be worth anything when it is restored. It is not that rare or has some form of racing history. So I have not clue why someone would attempt to restore something in this bad a shape.

Lightweight do to rust in every piece of the car
Rotted Doors
As interesting as this car could be to somebody will it really be worth any amount of money on resale? Think about how much it will cost to do the complete restoration that will be needed to not only make this car just drivable but, to make it worth anything so to speak. With how small the car is a body off is a relatively easy thing to do for the most part. Making it a body off restoration project that would be in the selling title to try to get the price up a bit more. However how much could you get for a Triumph like this these days?

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