Yard Find ’69 Chevelle


This is not as much as a Barn Find as most people are always posting about. It’s more of a Yard Find from Long Branch New Jersey where it sat out under a Pine Tree for 15 or so some years 😕

Sat in yard since 90's
Beyond Rusty

Although this car is quite rusted considering it had new Quarters and Fenders installed many years ago. Most likely from sitting outside under a tree close to Salt Water but it never got touched during the Hurricane. I of course went to see this Chevelle as I wanted it for myself from what I was told about it.

It also had a Big Block 396 with a Powerglide but, now has a 350 4 Bolt Main under the hood still with the Glide. Also after we got the car back and ran the numbers it appeared to be a Corvette engine too 🙂 Onto what this car is as of now. It still has the factory AC in the dash plus it comes with a Tilt Steering Column to go with the Bench Seat interior. It also has a set of 4 American Racing Mag Wheels to go on the car to make it period perfect so to speak.

As I said I went to be the first person to get the car. Matter of fact I was going to trade my 1991 Corvette Convertible for it! The Corvette is apart right now so don’t scream “What are you thinking!”. Not like I would trade a running driving Vette convertible for this. Well if this Chevelle had a even somewhen decent body on it I would have thought about it somewhat. I mean a Air Conditioned Big Block Chevelle with tilt steering on a Bench seat would have been somewhat neat. Just the more I looked at it when it got back to the shop said it all 🙁

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