X275 wreck @Street Outlaw


X275 Mustang driver John Backer wrecks his car at the Tennessee Street Outlaws race but luckily he is uninjured do to the roll-cage :)X275 Upside Down X275 Upside Down[/caption]

Watching this race you see what looks like a nice roll bar in this Mustang Notch. For the speeds that this car is capable of I could actually deal with a cage like this in my daily driver! Heck I would love to drive a car like this on the streets 😛

A few interesting things to note when your watching the video however. Yes he wrecks the car but you think he would be a bit more delicate with his Helmet rather than throw it in the car after he gets out? Then after they roll the car upright whoever closes the Nitrous Bottle freaking torques it down a bit to hard it seems 😕 I mean is he trying to destroy the seat in that thing or what 😯

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