Thrown Rods

Owner installed NOS system on this stock EJ205 long block WRX on it’s very first dyno run with the system. Still not sure if it was pilled for 50HP total or 50HP per cylinder when the switch was flipped?

So now onto what we thought was very possible on what happened to this Subaru that held the stock Turbo record for quite some time back in the early 2000’s. I don’t remember exactly what the ET was at the time but, it was possibly in the 12.8 zone or so. I just don’t feel like researching to to figure it out 😕 Anyway I raced at Englishtown Raceway Park when this car ran so I saw it make the runs and no it to be the truth. My car was running 12.5/6 at the time with a stock turbo and no tune at all. however my engine was a EJ207 not a EJ205 so my turbo was a VF30 and I had a Front Mount Intercooler too.

Anyway I was al TurboTrix when this WRX showed up to do a test n tune on the DynoJet Chassis Dyno to see how much could be made on a stock engine with a bunch of miles on it. I believe there was a stock tuned run made just to see if everything was running good. Then was the big moment what Junior said turn the bottle on. Started the run and I started to video tape it even though the car owner said “Don’t bother I have enough videos of my car already”.

I wanted to see what it would do so I started taking my vid and wouldn’t you know it…BOOM 😯 Shot a Rod out of the top of the case. Well not completely out but definitely broke the case and that was all she wrote on this car. I then went to his shop and let him see the vid on his PC of which it found it’s way onto Youtube and got over 1 million hits 🙁 Pisses me off cause it is my video and then someone else took it and put it in a compilation without my permission either! Tell ya I am getting nothing out of my own video 👿

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