Worst Truck Driver…Oh it’s a Woman


You have to sit there and think CDL at Sears?

Worst Truck Driver…Oh it’s a Woman never mind on the Sears CDL thing then. Yeah sure lots of Female truck drivers out there but, after seeing this debacle it does not do them any good at all.

Women shouldn't drive trucks
Female Truck Driver

Yeah I can’t get lucky enough to be sitting in a lot and have enough time to get my cell phone out to catch something like his!

I have seen my share of bad truck drivers trying to get under a marked low rail road bridge in Manville New Jersey. I mean like on after another getting pinched under the bridge but, nothing was really as bad as this was 😯

I mean no matter who was driving you would think they would stop and check behind the truck at some point. It’s not like it’s a 15′ or 20 foot trailer that they are trying to do a half ass K turn with 🙄

Or have the window down so they can hear if a car horn is honking or trees cracking as the trailer is backing over them!

Seriously if there is no damage done to the trailer done she got lucky much less damage the property or other peoples cars by the looks of it?

Worst CDL driver ever
Trashes Truck in lot

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