Worst Stance car I have ever seen period!


Worst ever?

Worst Stance car I have ever seen period! After saying that I have to admit I love extreme custom cars too but, this is just beyond what I consider acceptable 🙁

Wing + Stance
The Wing WHY?

I mean seriously why would anyone think this is an acceptable thing to do to their car? There is a trend called RICE, or rather not a trend but, a saying more or less? Well this is a fairly good way to look at it. This stupid stance is Rice as far as I am concerened all day everyday!

It has no use whatsoever in my book and I used to drive cars lowered to the poing of scraping over the smallest bumps too. Again that was fairly stupid if you really look at it but, at least you wouldn’t destroy your tires just going around the block like this has to?

Stance equals stupididty
Stupid Coming at you

That and I mean besides the nearly Top Fuel looking wing that you know has absolutely no use on a tardo car like this. It has no use what so ever for anything at all. I do not even think I would want to impress a woman that would find something like this attractive in any way shape or form either 🙄

Stupid Stance
Rear Wheels…look at them
Then you look at the rims and besides wondering how on earth are they even letting the tire hold air, how in hell would you ever be able to mount tires on them in the first place? What kind of machine do you need to stretch(?) the tires over these things? At least it’s a right-hand drive car so it’s not from around here in the States. If you have seen a worse stance car, go and list it in the comments…I dare you to find anything worse.
Stance is wrong
From rear just as dumb

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