World Fastest FWD stock chassis car is a Honda


Disturbingly fast

Speed Factory has set the bar for stock chassis front wheel drive cars to chase down now it would seem? It was done with a B-series 2.0L Civic to boot!

Super fast Honda
Stock Chassis FWD

So far the Best ET is a 7.745 (NHRA Nationals, August 2016) with a best Trap Speed – 201.76mph (NHRA Nationals, August 2016). This has been done with 1600+whp out of a 4 cylinder B-series Honda engine too boot!

Setting up for run
Burnout on the line

It uses a 86mm Precision Turbo to make the boost for this feat. One would think that is a huge turbo for a 4 cylinder? However, when you think about it that is not all that big considering the amount of air that must be forced into a 2-liter engine to make that kind of Horsepower.

Record setting Honda
Stock Chassis 200mph
The Driver was James Kempf taking this car down the quarter mile. I drive either a AWD WRX or a RWD V8 car down the quarter mile. Neither one of those cars make near the Horsepower that this record setting Honda is making. So at least I should not be breaking the kind of parts they must have been breaking on the way to these trap speeds and ET’s.

Well, I take that back as my AWD car has broken the back axles on a launch looking for traction. That and I have destroyed a 6-speed transmission flat shifting to get every millisecond out of my ET. I would like to think me 60′ times could be better except for the fact that their car only weighs 2200 pounds as opposed to my 3480 pounds.

I do have an acquaintance that is building a Corvette Convertible to take to Drag Week but, I am not thinking he is even going to be hitting with this ET or trap near 200 miles per hour either? Then again he will be driving the vehicle track to track. Something I am not seeing this Honda Civic doing anytime soon.

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