Wildest 4×4 Mustang I have seen yet!


As the title says this is the wildest Mustang I have seen on the side of the road yet?

Monster Mustang on Boggers
Biggest Stang on the streets by far

Just driving along down in South Jersey going to pick up an S10 V8 swap truck with a friend and saw this on the side of the road. Wildest 4×4 Mustang I have seen yet!

Don’t know all that much else about it other than what you see here in the picture. So if anyone knows anything about it feel free to leave some info in the comments about it to enlighten us all 😉

I have seen plenty of 4×4 swap cars around. Matter of fact I have seen almost the polar opposite of this one much closer to me. It would be a 1969 Camaro that someone placed the body onto an early Bronco frame! I mean I like it when I first saw it as the chassis put the wheels and tires in almost perfect position as far as I was concerned.

Problem with said Camaro is that it also has a Ford 302 engine driving it. Some Chevrolet guys might let the Bronco frame pass muster but, I do not know of many Chevy guys that would put up with having a Ford engine powering their Camaro 🙁

Munster Mustang
Wonder whats powering this?

This late model Mustang that I do not know anything about kind of shocks me a bit. To think of who has the money to take a late model Mustang and chop it up? Well not chop it up per say but, modify it in such a way that it is not likely to ever be restored to stock again. Not saying that it would really be worth anything as it is not a Shelby or Roush type of Mustang. Then again it could have been a V6 car so who knows?

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