Why I hate Split Rims


Have actually had a vehicle with these rims.

Yes I had a M725 Kaiser/Jeep witch is Why I hate Split Rims! No this never happened to me but, I knew of the possibilities of this happening. So I was extremely wary of something like this happening when I least expect it.

Split rim being laid down in a garage with no expectations of the pending explosion
Rim being gently aid down

As you can see from this video he is barely laying the tire down on the pavement and it explodes on him!

OK not explode on him, explode to the point that you are shocked it didn’t take his head off?

Split rim just starts to come apart letting the lethal rim section hit the ground instead of the mechanics head
Split rim starts to release
Still not sure what happened all in all since he hit the ground after this horrific display of why to hate split rims!

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