When I turned 100K


Only turns this once

Caught my car turning 100,000 miles on the way home one night
The Big 100K







Only does this once

My Mark VIII can only do this once 🙄

Boredom with odometer
Boredom with odometer

When I turned 90K and Yes it has gone farther now and I am waiting for the big 100K soon! OK never mind the statement before as I hit the big 1 0 0k mark in my Mark VIII. BTW the 117k deal was taken out of my 1st 2nd Gen Mark VIII that I bought that eventually hit 133k and developed a problem with the 1st to 2nd shift point. Then this one became available with only 53k on the clock so I snapped it up!

Was able to catch my 1st Gen 1996 Mark VIII when it clipped 200K

The transmission went at 210K and I sold it 🙁
Lincoln Mark VIII 200K
Caught ’96 @200K

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