Wheelie Riding Monster Bronco


Reason I say riding is cause it is!

Not just pulling a wheelie but, pulling it up and riding it out with power is what Wheelie Riding Monster Bronco does! Plus it is doing it with Rockwell Axles to boot 🙂

Custom Bronco
Rear Steering Rockwell

Years ago I had seen a Bronco similar to this one down in Forked River New Jersey. Had huge tires on it and would hit the mud holes hard but, was big enough to not get stuck. Well almost cause it did once or twice in the deep Mud Holes down there.

Anyway the NJ one didn’t have Rockwell Axles under it though. Do believe he had a Dana 60 up front or something to that extent. This one doesn’t only have one steering Rockwell axles but a rear steer Rockwell axle too! Also looks like it is using a SCS drop down transfer case like most of the bigger trucks do.

Serious 4x4 tools
SCS Transfer Case

Hard to tell what Tires he is using on this Ford, however they look like they could be 48 or 49 inch tires. A bit to big to be street legal in NJ but, I am not thinking this is a street vehicle for the most part. Would like to know what kind of engine he is using to motivate it too. If you stop the video it looks like you can see what looks like a 460 in the engine compartment seeing as he is not using any inner fender panels.

Bronco rides wheelies
Power Wheelie

Hope he is not planning on doing any deep bogging without the inner fender well panels? I would seriously hate to be the one cleaning this thing after a mud run with all the stuff that would get baked onto the engine. It’s bad enough trying to get the caked on stuff out from under a detailed trucks suspension much less get it off after it has baked onto a hot engine block 🙁

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