What was The Wraith


Was it really a Dodge?

This 2.2 Dodge Turbo engine made 450 Horse Power in the Dodge M45
The real Wraith Engine

What was The Wraith in reality then? Well I remember seeing “The Wraith” way back in the 80’s for what it’s worth. Yeah before I really know enough about cars but, I still thought it was a Volkswagen Chassis/ Kit Car of some sorts 😕 Full movie at the bottom!

This is the Dodge M45 Pace car that never made it to production or even use
M4S Pace Car

Well I just recently saw a post about “The Wraith” so I decided to see exactly what the car from “The Wraith” was actually made out of!

Front view of the M45 Dodge Pace car that made it to the movies as "The Wraith"
Better View

So it seems I was right on one account at least. Still didn’t find it’s exact build up for the Movie Car clones but did find this bit of information.

This is the original engine in the Dodge M45 that eventually became "The Wraith" movie car
The Tuned mahki-engine
It would seem the true car was a Dodge M45 that was supposed to be a Pace Car. However that never came to be except for one example that was used and copied for use in “The Wraith”. Of course then a bunch of copies where then created either for destruction scenes or driving scenes as the real car was just used for stills.
The real pace car on the track being prepared but never used
The Actual Pace M45

The driving scene cars used (wait for it) Volkswagen Engines! You can almost tell from the way the transaxle sits in some of the scenes. That is because the real Dodge M45 used a Turbo 4 cylinder that powered anything from K cars to any other front wheel drive Mopar Product in the 80’s.

Picture of the Turbo Charged 2.2 in the M45 Pace Car that eventually became "The Wraith"
wraith-engine in M45
OK it wasn’t just a plain old K car engine but, an actual tuned 450 Horse Power Turbo engine. So the car would actually be a fun car to drive and this is from way before the import craze ever started too!
This is "The Wraith" movie car or is the paint job not the correct color?
Was this the original Wraith Color?

Again I wouldn’t mind having this car today but, it doesn’t have to be “The Wraith” movie car. I would take any lightweight 4 cylinder car making 450HP anyday of the week to show off and take to the track 🙂

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