What the hell kind of speakers are these?


Never seen anything like them?

What the hell kind of speakers are these? Well, you can see a little bit to figure out what they are in the video I think? 20,000 watts is either a bit insane or the speakers are inefficient?

Competition subs
Slightly High Wattage

I will have to investigate this to see if I can figure out what the deal if with these speakers?

20,000 watts
What’s with the magnets

Tried searching for the manufacture of these speakers and could only find the are made by a company called Fault Line Customs and was only able to find a Facebook page to boot?

Is a bit strange that I cannot seem to find a web page for this place? They do seem to have some interesting designs. Not sure if they have the baskets cast just for themselves or are buying someone else’s stock manufactured castings. Then making custom speakers using the basic castings that they bought?

Makes me think of making some custom speakers just to say I have after seeing these. Again they are a bit ridiculous with the size and all. Plus I don’t seem to think they are going to be very efficient at all. Matter of fact with all the magnets I am wondering how many voice coils this setup has? That and what impedance they are?

Maybe why they are claiming 20,000 watts. It could possibly be a 2 ohm systems as it would be much easier to make a 10,000-watt system and then double it by cutting the impedance. Or even doing something a strange as making it a 1-ohm system so you could cut the wattage in half yet again to claim it is 20,000.

Although I don’t know too many Amps that could put out that kind of current for a set of subwoofers like this!

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