What if the Batmobile was a Volvo?


Yes seriously out for a drive on a Sunday and I see this in a parking lot :O

What if the Batmobile was a Volvo? So pulled into a parking lot to get some lunch and my friend calls out the find “It’s the Batmobile” except well, it’s the Volvomobile to be exact 😕

Batmobile Volvo
Yes it is what you think

I have actually seen the real Batmobile in California before. That and plenty of Batmobile clone cars at shows too. I can tell you for sure that this is not anything like any that I have seen before.


However when I saw the couple, yes I said couple leaving in the car it turns out that the fins had LED lights in them that was actually kind of cool.

Batmobile Sign
Must be a Batmobile


The couple where kind of middle aged that you would not ever think would be driving a vehicle like this? All I can figure is it is a car used for a person that shows up at kids parties as a Batman actor or something like that. That and I can tell you with the weight of the driver he would have been Fat Man cause he was no Adam West. More of a Fatman Batman so who knows what the deal is with the Volvomobile that happened to be out for lunch that Sunday 😕

Bat Interior
Guy was Serious

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