What Generation is your Camaro?


How to diagnose Camaro models

What Generation is your Camaro? Well, many people are mistaken on a 2nd or 3rd generation Camaro for some reason. That or the later model Camaro is also one that is mistaken now too.

Of course, we have the beginning of it as with the 1st Generation Camaro. This may very well be the reason for the 1st and 2nd mistake as the 1967 Camaro has a Vent Window while the ’68/’69 Camaro has no Vent in the door windows. Many think that this makes 2 generations when it does not.

1st Gen Camaro
’67 has Vent Windows
1969 solid window
’69 Camaro has no vent

Then when it comes to the 2nd Generation Camaro we have the Split Bumper Camaro that can make people think that this 11 years long model year is more than one generation.

Fave Model of Gen 2
Gen 2 Split Bumper Camaro
2nd Gen Camaro Z28
2nd Gen ’79
We then come on to the 3rd Generation Camaro. This is one of the lesser year Camaros to me at least. The year of the IROC and the first Fuel Injection engines. None of these Camaro’s are powerful or record setting, to say the least but, they do make good race car projects as you can pick one up fairly cheap nowadays.
3rd Gen Camaro
Gen3 IROC Camaro
The 4th Generation Camaro is the generation that I would want in the modern era of Camaro’s. I have had a 1969 along with a 3rd Gen I got for parts for a friend along with a Firebird I picked up to flip for extra cash, however, I would rather have a 4th Gen Camaro with the LS engine. So the 4th Gen actually got an entirely new engine designed from the ground up. Very easo to make obscene Horse Power with the addition of Boost.
4th Generation Camaro
Hugger Orange 4th Gen
We then come to the 5th Generation Camaro that I really am not a fan of. The retro look that it attempts to portray makes me want a Challenger that much more. Plus they have horrible outward visibility at the cost of trying to look retro along with the fact they weigh entirely too much!
5th Gen Camaro
2010 SS Gen5 Camaro
The last on the list at this point is the 6th Generation Camaro that I would almost think should be a 5th Gen? However this is one that you could get a ZL1 package for a premium that makes some good power and is said to beat the Ford GT at the Ring so?
Super Camaro
ZL1 Camaro

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