Wanna talk about Tire Wrinkle


Slicks deforming like Slicks do!

Drag Motorcycle without much tire wrinkle
Not Much Wrinkle here

Yeah you Wanna talk about Tire Wrinkle, well this video I found while searching for FWD slicks tells the story. Not what I was looking for but, at least you get the idea of how much hook slicks can get these days 🙂

This would be a typical slick launching at a  drag strip
Typical Slick on launch

As I said I was looking for the ridiculous Front Wheel Drives that look like they have flat tires when they are at the line sometimes and I just can’r seem to find one for some reason. It lead me to this video that was pretty good in the tire wrinkle department however.

Even smaller slicks are able to hook up unlike before
Smaller Slick on launch

I lot of newer classes of race cars here.

The larger slicks would seem to be the choice if possible
Full slick hooking

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