Wait for it…Never Mind I Found the Ending!


I know you’ve seen this

Almost crashes
Will it, will it

Wait for it…Never Mind I Found the Ending! Yes, you no longer have to wait for the hit anymore 🙂

The epic truck gif
Hits and then in Slow Motion

So should I put up a PayPal so I can get donations for finally letting people see the ending of this infuriating Gif or what?

OK OK, so I went and finally did it and put up a PayPal donation button. You can donate any amount that you feel fitting if you like as I do not feel like forcing anyone to a set amount like others do 🙁

So the 2nd Gif goes all the way to a slow motion after the hit! Much better that way so you can see what everyone was waiting for when they see the truck Gif just stop before it hit the barrier!

So I searched and finally not only found the truck hitting the barrier but, also in slow motion at the end! So not begging or something like that but, since I have eased your mind by letting you finally see the truck hit. That way there is no anxiety anymore. So you could hit my PayPal link above and give me a buck or two. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than going to see a shrink! Heck just the co-pay would be at leat 10 to 20 times more that a dollar or two 😛

Hey, if you know of any other Gifs you would like to see the end to then let me know. I could possibly find the end to them too? I like most of the people out there cannot stand watching a Gif that stops just before the end. At least this one did for me at least. So any others you may see I may be able to find the ending to it?

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