Vette Donuts and hits Truck!


Vette = to Mustang?

Vette Donuts and hits Truck! As I post on the earlier Corvette Video, Vette owners just cant seem to drive most of the time?

Buy a High HP Car and then wreck it doing something stupid 😯

Corvette crash
Vette looses it

Not saying all Vette Drivers, just saying a lot of them. They see a lower priced affordable Super Car in their eyes. They buy it without the ability to drive it and promptly wreck it. This video shows someone that goes as far as to hit another moving vehicle and then take off! More of a driver that just doesn’t know how to drive or follow any laws!

Now we mostly see Mustangs doing exactly this sort of thing but, hey this Vette driver pulls the number back over a bit. Takes the heat off of all the Mustang idiots out there it would seem?

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