V8 Prius


Kind of thought it was gonna happen

So there are even more than one V8 Prius in existence believe it or not! Only that but, one is actually still a Hybrid too. Not only that one is a road racer in Japan even.

Small Block Chevy swapped into a Toyota Prius that is real
Old School SBC

So trying to research some of the pictures I found was harder than I thought they would be. Google is usually my friend for researching things such as this. Just not quite as much this time.

Small Block Chevy powered Toyota Prius front view
Front Shot

There was even a fake V8 swap Prius listed on Craigslist but, that is kind of neither here nor there with what I was able to find.

Small Block Chevy powered Toyota Prius rear view
Rear View
The horror part is the Video I was able to find was of the Hybrid on in Japan that is a road race car. I mean a serious Road Race car to boot. This thing actually has a Formula 1 sound to it even! Then there was the fake on Craigslist deal but, someone was doing it from the looks of the pictures.
Small Block Chevy powered Toyota Prius the scary view of it
Scary View
Small Block Chevy powered Toyota Prius 4 link setup
Four Link Setup
Then there is the Black Prius that I was not able to find anything about other than the pictures. That and that is using a old schoold Small Block Chevy to power it? Not really sure what someone wouldn’t use a LS1 like the White one was using?








LS1 Block Chevy powered Toyota Prius
LS1 Prius
Could have been all he had on hand at the time. Or it was done earlier than when the LS1’s became an easy engine to get your hands onto.
LS1 Block Chevy powered Toyota Prius close up of of engine
Closer view LS1
Heck the Small Block in the Black Prius is even using a Carburetor and by the looks of it he is using a lame fuel line on it too. Making it what would seem just a street cruiser kind of car and not something you would be taking to the drag strip to bring down your ’60 foot time and see what kind of trap speeds it is going to give you.
Jeremy Clarkson tells it how it is when it comes to seeing a Prius on the streets
We all want to do this
ANybody knows of any other V8 Prius out there let me know below

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