Unsold cars worldwide!


Unsold cars worldwide!

Unsold cars worldwide is a bit hard to believe by me, at least in the amounts that they are claiming I would think 😕

On the Toyota front, I can pretty much see that. They make so many kinds of cars especially the one I hate the most being the Prius. As perfect as some people that they are the amount of waste that is produced manufacturing them is pretty incredible.

Many cars across the pond
Bicester England Unsold Cars

Don’t get me wrong as I worked at a shop where a guy bought a used one with miles on it from a state sale. It was a bit over 125k on the clock and it still ran fine with no issues plus still got good mileage when his wife used it. However, the thought of having to replace the rechargeable battery stressed him a bit. Almost like scrap, the car was going to be a cheaper solution than repairing it. Then is you do scrap it there are so many toxic non-reusable parts that it makes it even harder to justify making so many of them.

Masses of unsold cars
Port Newark NJ
Then you look at Port Newark which is the second image on the video and the image is England. I have been there as I worked in the auto industry and they are not parked there for long. At least last few times I drove into or out of New York the lots were only partially full. So that may be only a picture caught during an unloading session before all the cars found their way to railroad car or car carrier trucks to be delivered.
Many cars across the pond
Bicester England Unsold Cars
The pic of the cars in England are some quite large parking areas too. However, when you look at them they seem to be very small cars. Along with most of the large parking areas seeming to be small cars.
More Unsold car in Spain
Spain Unsold Cars
The few Italy and Spain have tons of tiny cars, lost likely Fiat’s and the like. I wasn’t seeming to find any lots full of larger cars for some reason? They even claimed that there is a shipload of Mercedes Benz cars that can’t dock to unload but, you don’t get to see the cars that are on board. Doubtful that they are AMG’s or SL600 or even larger 500 series sedans as those are a bit more pricey to build.
Cars not sold in North America
Canada Unsold Cars
They did show a lot in Michigan that seemed to be full of trucks but then again they are most likely all F150’s as those are like the Volkswagen Beetles of the truck world. You just can’t avoid those damn things no matter where you do in the US 🙁
West Coast American cars unsold
California Unsold Cars

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