Unicorn 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo For Sale


Unicorn you ask…Craigslist Supra

Yes the Unicorn 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo For Sale is on Craigslist matter of fact! You would think with the rarity of a low mileage Toyota Supra Turbo like this someone would post it on EBAY or something?

Uber low mile Toyota Supra drivers side view
Clean car

Although I haven’t bothered to look at EBAY to see if it’s listed there or not but, I would even think that this could be listed on The Dupont Registry with the price it’s listed at.

Completely untouched low mile engine in this 9900 mile Toyota Supra
Untouched with no mods

Now on to the details, OK there aren’t any besides completely untouched, and 100% original. That makes you think how could all this be then?

Super clean Supra front end
Clean front
I had a 2001 S2000 that had super low miles on it just like this. However members of the family drove it to 11,000 miles making it that much harder to sell as a under 10,000 mile car at the auctions 🙁
View of a hatchback that has never been used in this Toyota Supra
Nothing ever in the rear hatch
Our car sat in a garage for most of it’s life in the North East in Central NJ. This Supra is listed in Austin Texas so at least it is in a dryer climate than ours was. You still have to wonder how it has such low miles however?
This has got to be one of the cleanest interiors on a Supra you will ever see
Untouched interior
Did someone buy it as an investment or what? If they did how could they have known the cult status that this car would attain now back then. Did someone that has to much money buy it and then stick it in their storage unit someplace forgetting about it?
Super clean rear view of the only under 10,000 mile Supra known
Shot seen by most cars
Not to sure of the asking price even though it is a very wanted car. Heck I have seen Lamborghini’s selling for less than this and they are a lot rarer that a Supra.
This car even has the tires it came with still mounted on the stock Supra Rims
Stock down to the tires
Then there is the thought that if you drive it then it will go over 10,000 miles at some point and what will the value be then? You cant mod it or do anything to it without destroying the value. All you wind up with owning is a museum piece for that price.

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