Twin Turbo Hood Stack Ram


Been waiting to find this ride!

I saw this Twin Turbo Hood Stack Ram on the roads a few times and I finally got the lowdown on it! It’s a home made Twin Turbo Hood Stack Ram rod so to speak from what I learned.

Dodge Ram Diesel
Home Built Twins
Stack Pipe Diesel
Big Exhaust

I went to a rather large car meet in Ringoes New Jersey to see street rods and rat rods mostly. Then as I came down to one of the last rows of cars and trucks I finally got to see this truck with the hood up and parked.

I got to talk to the owner builder who is a diesel mechanic by trade who decided to build this brute. I do believe from what he told me that he built the twin turbo setup on his own. I have seen the kits out there for twin turbo setups on Rams and other trucks before. That and while talking to the owner/builder of this Ram we both spoke of the triple turbo deals that are out there. He of course was speaking of doing that but, after rebuilding the engine to take the boost.

No Muffler Diesel
Soot Shot

As of now it is only limited to 50 pounds of boost as the engine has only had ARP head studs installed so far. The block would need to be O ringed to fully withstand the boost that just these 2 turbo’s can give it. Not to mention what a triple system could feed the engine!

From the trucks creators own YouTube page…

Ram Front Mount Intercooler
Big Intercooler

Heck this thing is not to far from a Tractor Puller with multiple turbo chargers and it is driven on the streets 😛 As you cab tell by the rim/tire package that it is not a off road machine. It is a manual trans and the clutch that is in it right now has not been able to hold the torque the engine is able to produce with just the twin setup.
20 inch rims
Not a Mudder

He has installed some serious rear control arms on it at this point too so I can’t wait for him to get a clutch that will hold and see what it can pull in the quarter mile 🙂

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