Twerking Truck


Thats it, done with Twerking now!

I love how the other truck that was passing pulled a switcharoo all of a sudden and pulled in behind the Twerking Truck instead. Then again I would have done the same thing to video it!

High Winds and a truck
Did the Driver Know?

Matter of fact I have pulled in behind a lot of truck for various reasons like this. From trailer sway to tweaking like this but, in much less of an extent. So much less it wasn’t worth even posting it. I did post the trailer sway deal however it was a pick up pulling a trailer on RT78.

Also got stuck behind a truck that was shredding a trailer tire. I was getting rubber bouncing off of my truck and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until I saw it coming from the trailer tire. So I followed it hoping to get a blowout on video, didn’t work out that was as I followed for 18 or so miles and then had to turn off for my exit. 🙁

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