TRW/MOOG parts are JUNK!


TRW/MOOG parts are JUNK!

Yes I find it hard to believe that what I always thought was the best of the best to use on my cars has turned out to be quite the opposite now? Purchased a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII with a completely new front end installed at 89k. Daily drove the car and by 130k the car was eating tires and rattling horribly in the front end. Took it apart and found all the TRW/MOOG parts were completely wasted like they had 100k on them or something? They also had no Zerk or Grease fittings so you cannot service then.

Mark VIII front suspension
All parts completely worn out

I went to Autozone to get replacement parts and when I got home to instal then I found that they gave me 2 different brands of Upper Control Arms. One was a TRW arm and the other was a Duralast unit. The Duralast had a Grease fitting on it while the TRW was a sealed for life unit. I installed both and as I had the car in pieces and could not go back and exchange anything.

Well after 10,000 miles the TRW units cheap rubber ball joint boot completely disintegrated and the unit was dry and squeaking while the Duralast was still OK. Really upset me that TRW is such junk now 🙁

Next Mark VIII I went and ordered a set yet again getting 2 different style upper control arms again from Autozone. So I went to a friends shop to see where he got his parts from. We called his parts supplier and they looked in the box to make sure thet both drivers and passenger side uppers had grease fittings before I bothered to buy a set. Yup both are the same containing zerk fittings so I bought them. They are AC Delco units and so far they have proved fine with no problems after 15k on the car 🙂

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