Trump Reply to Eminem Rap Freestyle Attack!


Well 🙄

So this Trump Reply to Eminem Rap Freestyle Attack is obviously fake and a rather bad video animation. However, as dumb as it is it is still a bit funny 😛

I could do a better Donald video rendition than this but, not the rap part that is for sure.

Asside from all this funny BS does anyone know of any other Trump Eminem rebuts like this?

So the above video pretty much shows what the dimwitted rapper is. A moron that thinks he can make dirty word nursery rimes to make themselves famous. I actually have acquaintances that think people like this are talented!?

I really don’t buy that and if you can kind of see, the Juggalo types are near the worst ones out there. Hell, I just saw an episode of Z Nation that had a bunch of Juggalo something or other that was a fringe version of them that was hilarious basically because it showed how stupid they are.

Yes, there are some good Rappers so to speak. They pretty much get killed off fairly quickly too. OK, not killed off because then you are going to think I am talking about that Big E Smalls or Tupak crap. No more like Easy E from way back in the beginning or even the Run DMC member that was gunned down.

None of this new crap that the recording industry is trying to push down our throats like Kanye or whatever Mr Karashian considers himself to be?

They basically all suck to no extent but, get major radio airtime for some reason? It’s all TV BS trying to get you to accept this as music.

So if you do think you know something worse then put it in the reply at the bottom and I can post it up here as a reply or something like that?

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