Triple Supercharged BBC


Not sure what to think about this except it’s all for show 😕

I have seen a few dual supercharged and stacked blower engines in the past but, Triple Supercharged BBC, they are really just for show more than anything. Staged Turbo’s on the other hand 🙂

Multi supercharged
3 is better than 2

I mean think about it, yes you need a larger supercharger to feed the smaller supercharger in any staged style setup. So this one is using 2 smaller superchargers to feed the larger one on the bottom. However not knowing the exact specs of the smaller blowers I am not thinking they are really optimal for this deal 😕

Besides the fact that you have 2 additional superchargers to drive on top of the larger bottom one. I am thinking there is that much more parasitic drag being made. Along with not knowing what the carburetors are seeing on top of the 2 smaller units. You can hear the surging that is going on as it is trying to idle. You normally hear that with mechanical fuel injection more than with Carbs.

Then you have the unreal height of the unit that makes you think it is more for show than go. At least to me as I don’t think I would even want to try to look at the christmas tree at the starting line if I was drag racing with it.

So yeah thinking it is almost as bad as the twin blown GTO that was so famous a lil while back at the Ocean City Maryland show. It was made to blow peoples minds and then he removed the stacked superchargers and returned it to somewhat normal after that. More show than for go as the saying go’s.

Although I have no problem with cruising the strip with a monster like this. I would still prefer staged turbo’s to really make some serious Horses 😛

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