Torino Mad Max should be driving


I saw this at the Phillipsburg show before but I didn’t realize the hood opened like this? I’m not really a big Ford fan but I like the body style on this Torino.

That and definitely looks like a Torino Mad Max should be driving around in the desert down under. It kind of needs the exhaust coming out of the side though to match the Mad Max Mobile. However it is a different car for the East Coast of America.

Killer Supercharged Torino
Blown Torino

Now if you look closely and know what your looking at in particular, what do you see that should not be according to here say 😕 Yes it is using a V6/71 Supercharger on a V8 engine! Lots of people claim that you cannot do this including the blower shops because nobody makes intake manifolds.

Well this is just one of the cars around me that I have seen running a Supercharger that they say cannot be used. Not only that but, this has also been used on a Ford product not a Chevrolet! If you were going to see an odd boll Supercharger configured on any form of engine you would think it would wind up on a Small Block Chevy as they are the standard most of the time for Rat Rods.

Yes I have see them recently on SBC’s at Dead Mans Curve but, that just go’s without saying. Anyway you want to look at it I like the way this Ford was done and how it turned out. I just saw it recently and it has since changed it’s paint job. No not the color as it is still Black. It just has a texture now as the owner has had it Rhino Lined, so now it has an odd texture to it that is almost tougher than the steel it is coating 😯

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