This RC Car Driver is damn good

RC WRX Stick Bomb race
Stick Bomb WRX STi Drag Race

This RC Car Driver is damn good

A Subaru RC car racing something called a Stick Bomb 😕 Now I gotta say if this is unedited the Subaru driver is damn smooth at driving with the drifting he is able to do 😛

So it would seem I have been away from the toy game for quite a long time as I have never heard of a stick bomb before. The way it works is the sticks are woven together in a fashion so they are under tension. Then when you remove one the chain is broken and they are off in a Domino fashion but, not in any way shape or form like Dominos 😯

So try to figure out how long it took to set this up then 😕 I mean I remember doing a long curving like of Dominos decades ago when I was a kid. Remember being bent over for maybe an hour or so to set up a small chain of events when you push over that first piece.

Now look at the Stick Bomb and think just how long it must be to do this! I mean you are putting them under some form of tension setting them all up. So it has to have taken hours to make a setup of this length. Of course this seems to have been done professionally for this video shoot.

Jumping RC Car
The Jump

We can then go to the WRX STi remote control car and who ever is controlling it. Well the driver must have been doing this for quite some time. I still have my remote control cars from way way back when and know there is no way I would be able to control mine in the way that this one was 🙄

Drift against Stick Bomb
RC Drift

Sure most of it is pretty simple but, when he drifts it around the turns is when you think how the heck did he do this without spinning it out at some point 😕

Impressive video to say the least 😛

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