The ultimate 4 x 4 Rabbit pickup!


I remember the Volkswagen rabbit pick ups from back in the day but this thing blows them all out of the water! I mean seriously this is one killer Truck I would not mind having parked in my driveway 🙂

4x4 Rabbit Pick Up
4×4 Rabbit Pick Up

I mean seriously look at this thing, the Deuce & a Half axles and who knows what else they put into this thing to build it 😯 and the absolute articulation this thing has, it’s incredible!

Now besides my favorite which is obviously the rabbit pick up, there are some pretty serious trucks at the top truck challenge event. I used to do stuff like this about a decade ago and boy this brings back memories. It makes me want to get a truck or the Corvette in my garage lift it convert it to four-wheel drive and enter it in this contest next year 🙂

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