The Most Killer Custom VW Beetle or what?


Not as it seems it would appear…

So you see The Most Killer Custom VW Beetle or what pulling into a car show. Then you notice it must be a killer custom or something that is chopped and channeled as the car is so small looking 😕

Are these people that giant over this VW Beetle
Giant people over a Beetle

Again you see what could be a killer custom VW Beetle that somehow has been miniaturized somehow right?

Nope not quite what you would think as it pulls up and two what you would think are either giants with how much bigger they are than the Beetle. No they are not giants as the other cars in the show prove. No it winds up being some form of custom Kart or something like that?

No it is not full size, it is custom go kart for kids
It’s a custom Kart
The body seems to be rather detailed from the get go. Although the tires are a bit out of scale to the fenders if you look closely or had a VW Beetle back when they were dime a dozen.
However Don Martin Antonio Encinas Camacho built this car for his son 17 years ago. Now his grandchildren enjoy it.
The ‘mini vocho’ is 3ft. tall and runs at 50 mph. So that about explains it all for this Mini VW Beetle cruising at this car show!

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