The Grand Tour episode 9


Hey wait a minute?

So I sprung for an Amazon Prime account so I could watch Grand Tour and it was well worth it in my opinion, I gotta tell ya! Plus you get the free shipping to boot 😉

First thing I thought before I ever got a chance to see Gran Tour was what I saw in the name. Top Gear TG for short was a favorite of most of my friends to talk about. Then the new show after the epic crash and failure of TG is Grand Tour. Or GT for short, now think about that for a quick second. TG is now GT, so a simple TG to GT. Was this purposely done or just a coincidence, the world may neve know 😛

Now aside from free 2-day shipping for getting Amazon Prime so I could watch The Grand Tour, I got a lot more shows to choose from! It is not only like an entire new Netflix but, lots of TV-like series that you can binge watch.

Besides that, I can change next weeks preview for Grand Tour here now every week. Or if I happen to miss it because I was out for some reason I can just watch it Tivo style in a row. Or binge style cause I am addicted to doing that it would seem?
I’m bad with the Binge watching any series. I just can’t turn it off until the particular season is over. Every holiday weekend seems to catch me trying to watch an entire series of something. I just saw that I can watch “The Sopranos” but, that is quite a few seasons to watch in a 3 or 4 day weekend. So I am holding off on that one for a while. Besides, there is plenty of other stuff to see on Amazon Prime now anyway. Plus I can re-watch Grand Tour just because 🙂

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