The “Dukes of Hazzard” Jump Video Collection


The Dukes of Hazard!

YeeeHaaawww, yes it’s The “Dukes of Hazzard” Jump Video Collection, your favorite show from back in the day! Yes the Dukes of Hazards video of all of the Charger wrecking jumps that make Mopar lovers cringe to this day 🙁

Jump time
The family
The Home Front

I am a Mopar fan even before I knew what a Hemi was. Loved most of the Dodges and Chryslers because they had flashy colors and for the most part just looked cool.

Wrecked Charger
Remains of a General Lee
Jump over
One of Many

However even back then I kind of did think “Wait a minute, how can they crash all those Chargers”? Eventually even before the big Mopar collecting bug had come into full force, I thought how can they wreck all of those Chargers 🙁

Glowing Mopar
Do you remember this?
Jumpin Dukes
Eventually I was able to figure out that the cars had roll cages in the ones that did the jumps and all. Then you get the idea that they just keep fixing the cars that they destroy cause there just aren’t that many out there.
Destroying Mopars
Another roll over

Daisy Dukes
You watched just for Daisy

I mean you watch them land and bend up the front fender figuring man that K-frame must look like a pretzel after that just it allegedly just drove away from. Yeah, all the Police cars that get destroyed are a given. There are plenty of them out there waiting to be destroyed and no one if really going to care much. Between the classic car chase movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” or “The Blues Brothers” that wrecked more cop cars in one movie than the “Dukes of Hazzard” did in it’s entire career 🙂

Before the Orange paint
Back in the beginning
Po Po accident
Roscoe Wreck
The Duke Boys
Bo and Luke Duke
Another Mopar bites the dust
Destroying the Lee
Sure they have tried to make some new shows but, none will ever seem to be as good or as long lasting as the “Duke of Hazzard” was. In a way it kind of stinks. The “Fast and the Furious” movies try to do it but, I do think they kind of are a fail at it 🙁
Split in half
Who remembers this?
Jumping Charger
Yet another bites the dust

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