THAILAND’S FASTEST Drag Bike or Moped?


Yes, it is quite small

THAILAND’S FASTEST Drag Bike or Moped could be more like it when you look at this thing. I mean yes there are junior dragsters our there but, this drag bike really pushes the limits of the term Bike.

OK, Thailand is not a place with big Motorcycles like American or most of Europe.

Not sure why
Laying Over?

So being lazy and googling about Thailand drag bikes didn’t get me the most information. Trying to see if they are running a 1320 full Quarter Mile or not? Finding a Harley Davidson Bandidos MC from Thailand racing in another country. So if anyone knows more in-depth

about Thailand Drag Bikes they can drop info in the Comments to clue me in.

When I watched a Video on a Vietnamese drag bike I was a little shocked at some of the things I witnessed in the video. The first part was the engine was a Yamaha, that was not a shocking part as I fully expect Yamaha to be a name there.
Mini Motorcycle
It was more a view of them assembling the engine. I did see that it was a 4-speed transmission that somewhat surprised me as with how small the engine is. I would expect it to be a 5 or 6 speed to let the tiny engine wind out trying to get every once of Horsepower out of it.
Seemed good
Drag Run

Secondly was watching them assemble the engine. I saw them using an air impact wrench to tighten the flywheel onto the crankshaft. Now I am a bit of a stickler for using a torque wrench for critical nuts and bolts and I never witnessed a torque wrench in use the entire engine/bike build.

That scared me a bit as the RPM and stresses on a small engine like this makes me want to have it assembled exactly to the manual specs.

Guess they have a pretty good feel for how things are assembled right?

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