Tesla Model X test and he rips it apart!


He is brutal on this car!

This is an impromptu Tesla Model X test drive with the tester pulling no punches on this particular Electric SUV! Matter of fact I think I’ll take one now…

Hate is a strong word
He hates on it!

So the test driver (Doug Meruro) came into this test drive full of some hate from the get go. I was sort of on his side as everything I had seen of this car makes it look like something from a Bat Man movie of sorts?

How much trunk room
Hatch Space

I mean think of it, the Gull Wing doors or pigeon wing doors as the spiteful tester calls them are a bit ridiculous. Well, that is until you see him test them in ridiculous situations. Then they kind of make you take a second look and want to show them off to people in a parking lot or something 😛

When one is full
Front trunk too!
It does have a fault, however. The low mile range before you need to recharge it. At two hundred and sixty-five miles between charges, it does seem a bit on the low side. I mean it’s not a Viper now is it 🙄
There is a way
How to bring you snowboards

However it does have the much better than cruise control (auto pilot) that I would love to have on my way home from work. I really hate traffic on Route 78 pretty much any time but, having a car that is doing the driving kinda makes things a lot better you might say.
Daily fill ups
Remember who would buy a car that had low range?
Then you have the acceleration that electric gives having minimal to put into it when you charge it as compared Having To fill the gas tank With the way prices are. I have to say I wouldn’t mind Giving it a try for a while especially with all the tax breaks they are giving with these cars these days.

However, I might want the faster model just to try.

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