Supercharged Hemi Cobra


This has got to be one of the stranger cars that has shown up at the Fuddruckers show.

How many times are you going to see a Cobra even if it is a Kit Car have a Hemi powering it but wait there is more to it than that!

It’s a 392 early Hemi on top of that! So this is one of the stranger mixes of a rare Shelby or AC car with an even older and odder engine that would be more at home in a AFX car or something like that. I don’t care either way as I would love to have an old A block Hemi transplanted into a lot of different cars that it really doesn’t seem to need to be in 🙂

I did get to talk to the owner who wouldn’t drive the car too. Nope he had a driver cause he said the car was to powerful and fast for him to drive. Now why would you ever build a car that is to hard for yourself to drive is the main question here 😕

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