Subaru powered Ghia at VW show


Showed up to the Bound Brook Volkswagen show this year expecting to see most of what I saw 2 years ago but I was surprised with a Turbo Subaru powered Karman Ghia 😯

WRX powered Ghia
WRX powered Ghia

Talked to the owner a bit and learned that if you wish to do a Subaru Boxer swap the Ghia is the car to do it to. Reason is the engine compartment on it is among the larger of the Volkswagen models. He is in need of a tune as the engine hunts a bit at idle but otherwise it sounded OK when it left the show.

I had a Ghia back in the early 90’s but Subaru engines weren’t to big a deal back then. Upon seeing this I wish I still had my Ghia so I could swap in my EJ2.2 sitting in my celar. Or my EJ207 sitting in my JDM STi 😈

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