Stanced C1500 or is it?


I really dislike Stanced vehicles

Is it Stanced or what?
Is it Stanced or what?


So how can I say Stanced C1500 or is it? Well lets just say I was driving home in one of the last East Coast Snow Storms and all of a sudden Iheard a loud pop. Then the truck started to Duck walk for some reason?



Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 7.52.26 PM


I picked this truck up a few years ago and it was in extreme need of basic repairs. First thing I had to get to was a new gas tank as it was rusted and leaking.




Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 7.51.24 PM



Next thing was the Y pipe cause that thing had a huge hole in it about 5 inches long or so?



Cheap spindles
Almost a clean break?







After putting this parts in one of the front brake pads slipped off on the passenger side. So I replaced the passenger side rotor and pads on both sides. I then started to use it for scrapping and a secondary daily driver as it was pulling 24 mpg. A heck of a lot better then my car.

Broken spindle
Hub view







Anyway it drove for a year until the brakes failed do to rusty lines. I replaced all that with stainless steel lines and everything was good to go for a while. Then the brake pedal started to feel spongy for some reason? Well it would seem that someone put a set of cheap lowered spindles on it and it was cracking. So it was letting the rotor push the brake pads far out. I would then hit the brakes to take up the slack wondering why?

Spindle break
View of break close up







I was then sitting at a stop sign and when I made the right hand turn I heard the pop of the spindle giving up finally 🙁
Had Triple A tow it home and tried to figure out why it was towing out while all the ball joints were intact? Then I jacked it up and saw what the video shows 😯

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