Squirrel steals Model Plane


Yes you saw it here?!

Man showing off model
Builder showing off RC trainer


OK a Squirrel steals Model Plane is caught here on video for real! Really it is caught on video and posted to the internet so it has to be real. You cannot lie on the internet, there are laws about this!


Wild Squirrel flys plane
Squirrel caught while stealing plane


As you can see and hear in the video of the builder of this model airplane, how has put a self leveling gyroscope feature into it.



Desperate attempt to catch plane
Man try’s to catch Squirrel stealing plane


He said he designed it as a fool proof training feature for giving lessons to students to learn how to fly without crashing.




Can a Squirrel fly a plane?
Squirrel doing flyby with stolen plane
It was also built so twin radio controls can be used for training purposes but, when he goes to get the other remote control a smarter than usual Squirrel seems to hop right into this plane and take a flight all by itself 😯

Seriously what are the chances of something like this happening by you? Do you have Squirrels so smart that they can Hijack your remote control airplane if you had built it with miniature controls in it? Heck even if this could happen would they then force you to license your models in case a Squirrel dive bombs your neighbors bird feeders?




Hard to say if you ask me, I would prefer Giant Scale so you could train your Dog to fly the plane. Then you could watch your dog chasing Cats or any other animals that dare venture into your yard! Cats I just cannot see learning to fly as I don’t think they have the brain power to do so. That and even if you could train one to do so just imagine how it would be flying after the Birds in your front yard 😕

Yeah I could see them flying right into trees or even into open windows in a house!

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