Sqaushed or Stanced CRX


Sqaushed CRX…REALLY?

So this Squashed or Stanced CRX is something I don’t get how this can even be a look or style in any way shape or form for the most part 😕

Stance CRX
Stance CRX

First part is how can a car handle using this little amount of tread on the ground? Not only that but how long can the tires last at that point. I used to have a Swing Axle Volkswagen Beetle that let the rear tires do this but at least the Camber would change as the suspension moved. On this HONDA CRX it is stuck as you see it and none of the other tread ever touches the road leaving a major loss of traction and increased wear 🙁

I’ll take a Low Rider stance over this any day of the week 😆

Actually someone mentioned on my YouTube post of this CRX that is doesn’t wear the tires out with this kind of tire lean in. My thought is that the only reason it doesn’t wear out the tires is cause the car handles like such crap that he doesn’t drive it. About the only reason that the tires don’t get wrecked would be my thought.
In case anyone was wondering this was taken at Englishtown during the Import Drag Races obviously. Lots of interesting things show up in the pits there but, why would this show up in the racing pits is the main thing? I’m probably rambling but, after seeing something like this who wouldn’t?

Oh yeah a Honda driver wouldn’t. Don’t wanna hear anything about Honda’s either as I have had 5 of the things myself. 2 first Gen CRX Si’s a ’88 CRX Si a ’88 CRX Hf and a 2001 S2000. The CRX’s were awesome daily drivers cause they got great fuel milage no matter how bad you beat on them. The S2000 was just an incredible animal that screamed!

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