So Need this Crankshaft Grinder for upcoming Drag Week


Some slightly larger work

So Need this Crankshaft Grinder for upcoming Drag Week since stock just ain’t gonna hack it! Just think about how big you can make your LS with this?!

No, but, seriously you have to wonder if this is a huge cast crank or built up cause you know there is no way it was Billet.

Ship Crank
Huge Work

The part that takes some thinking is the cylinders that are holding the belts on the journals. How are they operating like that? Are they hydraulic or pneumatic possibly? Are they CNC or some form of follower deal supporting the crank as it spins?

Crank support
How do these cylinders work?
Then you would wonder if you are a machinist at least what kind of cuts are being made? Are the roughing or finish cuts? Hell the surface speed of the cut even at that slow looking RPM has got to be pretty disturbing. Then how would you grind this thing and or polish it?
Supporting belts
Some large belts

You even have to wonder what kind of oil they use in engines like this. Is it so heavy that you don’t even have to polish the crank as the oil film is so thick that it’s not needed? Then again that would make so much drag as to make the engine inefficient with all that crank area being swept.
Have to wonder what the stoke is?
Heck would like to see the block and head that this engine is going into now too. I wonder if it is even made by the same manufacturer or are the various parts made in other locations to be assembled as a complete engine later on.
Grinder chuck
Chuck is kind of small

Guess there is a lot of unknowns when it comes to incredibly large ships or electrical generation plants. Now I think I am going to have to do a bit of research on how this stuff is done?

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