Skyline GT-R’s and Fairlady’s rotting away


Skyline GT-R’s and Fairlady’s rotting away

This is something I would never think I would ever end up seeing. Japanese muscle cars rusting away in a junk yard 🙁

Skyline GT-R's and Fairlady's
Skyline GT-R’s and Fairlady’s

While most will not recognize the older Skyline GT-R’s they do hold a bit of a cool factor to me as you do not see many at all here stateside. I did see a Fairlady at a car cruise in Flemington NJ a year or 2 ago however. Looked like the orange one in this video, it had a straight six with multiple carbs and all. Kinda cool that this look traveled all the way from the far East to the East section of the USA. I wouldn’t mind getting a Fairlady but, I would go a V8 swap into it knowing me 👿

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