Shorty Volkswagen Thing on Craigslist


Yes you read it right

Shorty Volkswagen Thing on Craigslist is what every Volkswagen owner either wants or dreads. My brother owns an Acapulco thing and he will be aggravated seen this.

Imagine this coming at you
Tops off
Rear View on the Water

However, it would seem that whoever decided to do this to this Craiglist Volkswagen Thing may have done it before they became a collector’s item?

Not modded
Standard Engine
RR Bumper
Anti Wheelie Weight

Now aside from all this OMG how could someone destroy a classic like this? I would grab it up in a second if it was near me and had the cash at the time. Depending on how it drives I may take off the Rail Road Bumper weight to let it wheelie on take off! Unless it could do it as is with the extra weight?

Stretch or
Being Modded
Small Trunk
Not Much Room
It may not be capable or taking slow sharp turns as is so again would have to test drive it to make the decision.
Now onto the vehicle in general. For the most part, it would be a weekend car or a Friday night car cruise car by me. I have seen shortened Volkswagen Busses coming to Friday Nights Somerville car cruise before. Even a Rat Rod Volkswagen Pickup and a Slammed Volkswagen Thing .
Not much here
Last pic the Dash

Here’s the Add Specs

It takes a bit to become a standout vehicle around me at the cruises. Matter of fact we get cars from New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and even Maryland at times! Somerville has even been mentioned in Hemmings Motor News online as one of if not the biggest East Coast Car Cruise as it take up the entire Main Street. It even parks in front of the Court House that tried John Delorean for the alleged Drug smuggling with DMC cars.

So being allowed by the Somerville Borough is pretty nice. Families and people from all over come to see the Somerville Car Cruise!

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