Shelby GT350 Barn Find


Shelby GT350 Barn Find

See an original Unrestored Hertz Shelby GT 350 Barn Find that seems to be left as found so far

Shelby GT350 Barn Find

While the camera is taking the video of this Mustang it definitely has that driven hard and put away wet look to it. Yes the outside could use a wash but, that is not the bad part of it. Just take a gander of the interior of this car 😯 I haven’t seen something this bad since I looked at my daily driver pick up truck 🙁

Then you get a view under the hood and see what looks like a MSD Box zip tied to the cross brace 😕 With how clean that piece is it makes you think that this car was recently raced or used? Very interesting car from what can be seen.

I am not a Ford fan in the least, having owned a few and going through the headaches of finding specific parts for FE engine vehicles. That was my first turn off on Fords for the most part. There was a Boss 302 for sale by me and I do like them as I like the Cleveland head Windsor block deal so parts aren’t all that unobtainable. However the car had a spun bearing and he still wanted a ton of money for it. This was way back in the late 90’s too so I wan’t interested.

I do like the MOD engines however and have built in the neighborhood of 7 or 8 of them now? 2 of the engines where Ford GT blocks to boot 🙂 The engines were all making 700 to 1000 HP on pump gas with one going into a celebrities Street Rod. So I am not all against Fords. Just the older ones that have worthless Iron Windsor or FE engines 🙁

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