See through Head on Gasoline, Alcohol and Acetylene


Ever wanted to see inside an Engine?

See through Head on Gasoline, Alcohol and Acetylene. However, there is a very big issue with how it is done that must should be able to pick out rather quickly!

Gas shop
Initial Gas Ignition
Gas ignition
Full Gas Flame

Firstly this is something I have always wanted to do in the first place. Just to see for the sake of seeing a live combustion chamber firing!

Wrong way to use Alky
Filling Alcohol
Washing the head
Non Atomized Alky

Now onto what is going on. Yes, it’s a waste spark engine so you see the spark fire twice more than once. However, that is not the problem I was speaking about in the beginning.

How Alky looks burning
Alcohol ignition
Lean backfire
Acetylene Backfire
More the problem, if you watched the video and picked it up, is when he adds the Alcohol. Not the correct way as most would know just by watching. He just dumps it into the carb throat and pull starts the engine.
Strange flame front
First Acetylene Fire

Better flame front
Firing with Full Acetylene

I was kind of surprised that it started and ran as much as it did with it being so pig rich. He claimed that the engine was wetting the cylinder down but, the reason is because it was not being atomized by the carburetor! Just dumping it in the carb was the reason it was filling up the cylinder the way it was.

As I said I was surprised it ran at all soaking the cylinder the way it did but, Alcohol is a lot better running pig rich than Gasolene.

Then you watch as he goes to the Acetylene and have to figure it is almost as bad as the Alcohol. In the opposite way, however, as the Acetylene is most likely running way to lean. Not only was it more than likely running lean but, it seems to have burned the plastic cylinder head?

So, all in all, it was an interesting deal watching the flame front working in a see-through cylinder head. Now it would be a bit better to see the carb set up to get the right AFR and see it done again right!

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